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Making innovation and ventures in the Nordic

Norvai works with partners interested in creating a stronger nordic region for future business, extending from purpose driven organisation to for-profit companies.

How we can help you


Minimum time invested, potential for high impact.
We can operate and execute the actual event, work with the pre-planning and follow-up afterwards. We also have experience with series of events.


Having a strong position in the communities, leads to a better foundation for building your brand. With the right strategy you will be able to position yourself as the right partner for future business.


Got an idea? Looking to make your own business?
Hire Norvai in to help you establish and get your next venture off the ground. We have experience with working in own founded ideas and early startups.


Need to think outside the box? Use the Norvai approach to problem solving and creating new business ventures. We have a broad knowledge of business models and an in-depth touch with innovative business.

We empower you and your visions

At Norvai, we make things possible, dreams come true and ideas come to life. We bring in high engagement to all of our business, and work hard to ensure that we set the right goal and achieve it. 

We can move your ideas from a napkin into reality, we see ourselves as being enablers for you and your business. Our success is directly connected with your success, we want you to succeed with your visions and empower you to further them into the future. 

We can work together on turning your visions into reality

Let's talk